Jim Remsen


The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews and Christians

"Intermarried couples will benefit from the wisdom of this book. Because it treats the religious traditions seriously and respectfully, our communities and clergy may benefit as well."
Psychology Today

"The Intermarriage Handbook will become a well-thumbed companion for prospective marriage partners."
Christian Century

Selected Works by Jim Remsen

The chronicle of a group of fugitive slaves and the world they encountered in the wary North. Despite serving bravely in the Civil War, their battle for respect was never-ending.
A comprehensive, immensely practical self-help book for intermarried families and those who love them.
Historical fiction
A tween girl visits a seemingly out-of-the-way town on a summer vacation and has close encounters with its amazing past. This saga blends history, suspense, and a coming-of-age journey.

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