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The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews and Christians

Jim Remsen is co-author, along with journalism colleague Judy Petsonk, of 'The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews and Christians,' which was published by William Morrow Co. in 1988 and remains available in print and e-book form via HarperCollins.
'The Intermarriage Handbook' is a cradle-to-grave guide to the decisions and problems faced by everyone involved in an interfaith marriage. It provides couples with a variety of options, as well as listing many of the resources available to the intermarried couple: counseling organizations, religious institutions where the couples can feel at home, even ways to find someone to officiate as the wedding.
As Psychology Today stated in its review, “Intermarried couples will benefit from the wisdom of this book. Because it treats the religious traditions seriously and respectfully, our communities and clergy may benefit as well.” The handbook has garnered positive reader reviews as well. “Well written, nondoctrinaire,” said one, “full of useful information and resources, and extremely practical and realistic in its approach.” Another called it “the only book of the five that I have read which provided candid advice about the possible ups and downs of creating an interfaith family.”