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Looking for an experienced editor?

Jim is available, at a competitive freelance rate, to edit your manuscript, scholarly paper, or other writing project. For years he has been putting his professional talents and encouraging manner to work for clients in both a copy-editing capacity (for “line editing” of spelling, grammar, word usage and the like) and as a developmental editor (for larger matters of plot arc, character development, pacing, etc.). His extensive experience as a writer and editor of long-form journalism series and book manuscripts makes him well-positioned for the work.

David Sullivan, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Assistant Managing Editor, worked with Jim for decades and calls him “an incredibly talented editor.”

Author Judy Petsonk says Jim’s editing work on her historical novel 'Queen of the Jews' was “always incisive and nuanced, clear and concrete, and stated in a useful, encouraging way.”

Contact Jim for rates and arrangements.