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Experience a saga about our nation's past

The chapters of Visions of Teaoga flip between 1790, as the real-life American Indian protagonist looks back on the huge changes she has experienced across her long life, and back to today, as this intense history literally reaches out to a few attuned individuals, especially the inquisitive middle-school girl who is our modern-day protagonist. Visions of Teaoga demonstrates that history glows underfoot nearly everywhere -- and can offer youngsters insights in their own coming-of-age journeys.


"Admirably researched and beautifully written, Visions of Teaoga as a whole will appeal particularly to middle-schoolers, but the vibrantly imagined story of the 1790 meeting of Colonials and American Indians at the ancient Teaoga treaty grounds will appeal to all ages."
--Author Joanne Dobson,
Historical Novel Society reviewer

"An engrossing read that’s part historical fiction, part coming-of-age novel, and part spiritual awakening."
--Mary Beth McCauley,
Christian Science Monitor reviewer

"Remsen's exhaustive research combined with his knack for creating vivid imagery brings her [Queen Esther] to life again."
-- Author Katie Haegele,
Philadelphia Inquirer reviewer

"A fascinating, well-written, must-read book for anyone interested in the Munsee Delaware culture and history -- and the history of American Indians in general!”
-- Chief Little Soldier,
Tribal Chief, Munsee Delaware Indian Nation-USA

"Accurate, thought-provoking and curriculum-related. Excellent read!"
--Valerie Jacoski,
Former Executive Director, Tioga Point Museum